(Last Updated On: February 1, 2020)

Ever tried to extend your leg fully in skinny jeans? Impossible! Yoga is about twisting and bending to the channeling’s postures and your usual clothes may not serve the purpose. Your wardrobe needs to be filled with some soft, comfortable fitting and easy leggings. Whether you have them on yoga classes, working out or just for lounging, nothing fits better than a pair of comfortable leggings. The best leggings won’t sag, move with your body, fit perfectly, are flattering, and most importantly- they are comfortable.

This is why yoga clothing has a large market. And for women, they are available in many different styles and material. Pick the one that fits your body, is comfortable for any pose and make you roll out your yoga mat. Thus, to make your choice easier with so much of options out there.

Top 5 Yoga Pants For Comfortable Wear

These are some of the best yoga pants in the market that is just not comfortable but is also stretchable, good looking and lasts long.

1. 90 Degree By Reflex

90 Degree By Reflex 22” Yoga

90 degree has its image for the comfort- thick, soft, and good control. The nylon and spandex blend fabric keeps the sweat off your skin when you twist in different shapes. These 28 inch high waisted athletic leggings keep you hugged in and looking slim- something you definitely need one in your wardrobe.

The material is so soft and stretchy; it doesn’t feel constricting at all and yes, they are squat proof too. It is made up of 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex for the black one. However, some numbers can change for other colors like 44% Nylon 43% Polyester and 13% Spandex for Heather Charcoal.

Pros: These comfy pair ticks all the boxes for a perfect legging- affordable, great material, color option, size fit and stretchy.

Cons: As a downfall, it may be seen-through if you over-stretch the material.

2. CompressionZ Leggings

CompressionZ Leggings

Do you know yoga pants can even improve blood circulation during workouts? Well, you will know this when you wear CompressionZ Leggings. It is because most yoga pants restrict a proper flow in the blood circulation in your legs.  However, CompressionZ is made up of four-way stretchable fabric letting you and even your legs have a comfortable yoga session. Compression tights work great for challenging yoga poses as they are super stretchy, super easy to wash and maintains its original shape at the same time giving the maximum comfort.

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These are fantastic yoga pants that fit perfectly and feels really comfortable. Plus, you will love the feel of the material and can’t resist having these with yourself during every yoga session.

Pro: You get the tight, snug fit that supports to the entire lower half of your body and use of compression pants reduces the pain.

Cons: Be careful, this pair might run short. The sizes may vary relative to sizes of other pants.

3. Baleaf Women’s Yoga Pants

Baleaf Women's Yoga Pants

If comfort is what you expect from your yoga outfit, these are the one you should have. These are much lighter and breathable. It is slim on the hips and loose on the calves. The flattering cut gives great freedom of movement. Baleaf Women’s Yoga Pants fit wonderfully, and they’re so comfortable. Wearing one won’t even feel like wearing pants but a causal pant which you can even wear for running and other activities. It is one of these products that everyone would want to have at least a pair in their wardrobe.

You can get all the size and color. As per the material, solid has 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex while Charcoal has 50% Cotton, 36% Polyester and 14% Spandex. While most buyers rated it 5/5; shorter buyers complained that the pair legs ran long and had to get them hemmed.

If comfort is what you expect your yoga outfit, these are the one you should have.

Pros: You can get all the size and color. Flatlock seams have reduced chafing that increases comfort

Cons: If you think your height is small, the pair legs can run long.

4. TSLA Yoga Pants

Tesla Yoga Pant

Tesla Yoga Pants are made up of stretchable fabric that makes it comfortable and flexible. It feels soft and light in the body, yet it still is not see-through. Some buyers even called it Lululemon replacement. Additionally, Tesla Brand Certified Guaranteed pants with 30-Days NO RISK 100% Full Refund Assurance. This makes it is an easy recommendation along with its great features. The material used is Polyester 87% and Spandex 13% which is super comfortable.

Pro: Ultra-Stretch Fit that conforms, and contours with each movement and Breathable fabric with Gusset for maximum comfort.

Cons: Some buyers have complained that the pattern was completely changed after they washed them. However, it is not the case with all.

5. SweatyRocks Women Jogger Pants

SweatyRocks Women Jogger Pants

If you have enough leggings in your wardrobe and now hunting for something else, get these jogger pants. They are great for casual park walk and hikes along with yoga classes. These pants will guarantee comfort as it allows you to move without binding and the drawstring keeps the waist where it should be.

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Pro: It keeps you warm in winter when u can easily pair with a coat. You can put on this pair at casual places and not just studios.

Cons: The material might let you down- they’re more slick/slippery feeling.


The list couldn’t be complete without mentioning this one.

6. Alki’i Yoga Capri

Alki'i Yoga Capri

This Comfy loungewear is light and easy. These 87% Cotton, 13% Spandex pants have 62% is loved by everyone. They are fantastic and not very thin. Alki’i Yoga Capri is very versatile as its good looking, simple, comfortable and has a foldover waistband. With this yoga pants, you can go from relaxing at home to yoga class to running errands without an outfit change. It has a bold fold-over waistband to add an extra pop of color that goes amazingly with a performance tank or tee.

In Conclusion

These are all really good and comfortable yoga pants and each serves its unique purpose. You could buy any one of them and not regret it without loosing your comfort.