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Whether its music, fashion, business, sports or even spirituality, London has got it all. It is one of the most diverse and iconic city on Earth, thus, it would be highly unlikely to not have some of the best places to learn yoga and meditation. Ensuing, you are never too far away from a yoga studio in London.

If you have just started practicing yoga or even if are an experienced yogi, there are various yoga studios in London that offers different types of yoga programs for all the levels. Learning from a well-designed class with brilliant instructors will always enhance the overall experiences in you. Hence, it is essential to find a quality yoga instructor and studio that suits your needs. However, finding one isn’t always easy.

As a result, we have listed 5 Bests Yoga Studios In London that should be suitable for most of our diverse needs and hence making your pick easier.

Best yoga studios in london

List of Top 5 Yoga Centers In London

Here are London’s best yoga studios in where you can learn yoga, meditation and have an experience of the self.

1. Another Space

Another Space

The Covent Garden yoga classes are one of those “fancy yogis” homes. Within the infra-red heating almost holiday-like warmth, white open spaces and beautiful scents, this is a hot yoga spot at its most luxurious form. They aim at hitting the sweet spot between physical workouts, raising your heart rate, improving flexibility and helping your mental state. In addition, infra-red reduces muscle inflammation.

Cycle 45, Hot yoga all levels, HITT 35 and  Boxing tech are the famous courses offered over Another Space. They have 45+ instructors, all experts in their relative course. Courses are available for both beginners and advanced yoga lovers.

Address: 40 Coleman Street, London
Contact: 0207 534 2990
Website: https://anotherspace.london/

2. Good Vibe Yoga Classes

Good_Vibes_Yoga Studio

Good vibe presents a blissful hotspot that supplies a combination of expert tuition and invigorating classes.  Softly lit and extremely calming yoga classes calm both- body and mind boosting flexibility and positivity in equal measure.

For the one who works around Covent Garden its an ideal place. Taking a vinyasa class at good vibe impresses you with the elastic-like flexible folk surrounding. They offer Yoga and pilates, Reform Pilates, Small group training, personal training and studio hire. They welcome both beginners and advanced yoga learners for their classes. You can join for Boxfit, kettlebells, TRX, HIIT, circuits or reformers sessions.

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They have an intro offer to let you try your first class for £5.

Address: 11 Tottenham Street, London W1T 2AG
Contact: 0207 637 4474
Website: http://www.goodvibesfitness.co.uk/

3. Triyoga


Triyoga is a paradise for yogis. Their studios have all those calming colors, raw materials, and hushed tones to give the best “Yoga vibe”.  The gentle scent of incense and shoe—free classes makes a great environment for yogis.

Their classes are designed for newbies or yin. Restorative sessions are for those wanting a gentler practice to dynamic vinyasa flow classes. They also have ashtanga, nidra yoga and steamy hot yoga sessions for 3 different level. Besides, they also have classes designed for Kids, toddlers, and pregnant women. I was totally impressed by the environment of their free yoga for a cancer patient to help cope with cancer and cancer treatments. They are giving the yoga classes at six different locations.

Address: 372 king’s road, London, sw3 5uz
Contact: 020 3362 3366
Website: https://triyoga.co.uk/

4. Hot Pod Yoga

Hot Pod Yoga

A visit to this literal hotspot would limber up rigid muscles and loosen up stiff limbs. This ‘cocoons of bliss,’  yogis destination with pods heated to 37 degrees are just a paradise. You can effectively combine active and passive postures with a mellow state of mind.

You can book when you are tired or stressed or take membership as well. You can perform a vinyasa class in the iconic bouncy pod. Their heat and flow classes are guided by special trainers and enhanced by purple colors, music, and scent. Classes are suitable for yoga first-timer or seasonal pro. Hot Pod Yoga has over 50 locations across 8 countries.

If you like a neon setup, this is one of the best Yoga Studios in London you may want to visit. Introductory offer starts from £12.

Address: 13-19 Croxted Road London
Contact: 0203 771 2285
Website: https://hotpodyoga.com/

5. Yoga Home

Yoga Home

Are these fancy yoga classes too expensive for you? Yoga home offers you a whole month course at 30 euro. They have beginner classes, Pop-up classes, and advanced classes. Bonus- their workshop is a real confidence booster.

Situated in heart of ‘millennial mummy’ central, Stoke Newington – this yoga center caters perfectly for new mums with pre- and post- pregnancy yoga for pilates classes and some serious pram space. Even the kids are so warmly welcomed. Arm balances and inversions, Yin and yoga nidra, Modifying challenging asanas and Pilates workshop are their most preferred classes.

Address: 14 Allen Road, London, N16 8SD
Contact:  020 72492425
Website: http://yogahome.com/

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In Conclusion

No two personalities are exactly the same, likewise, people make have different expectations. There could be a probability that even this diverse list of top 5 yoga studios in London may not match up to your expectations. Hence, do make second research if the studio you have selected is the right one for you, as its where that could change your life for good or not.