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Did you know that a simple hand gesture could influence so much of the physiology that is happening inside your body? Well, this fact mostly goes unnoticed but according to the Vedic sastra, it is believed that our life force (prana) flows along different energy channels (nadis) and our hand gestures (mudra) can guide energy flow in a specific direction.

Yoga Mudras

This fact can eventually help us achieve the specific bodily goals that we are aiming for, and it surely helps us to achieve the right peace of mind by controlling the flow of energy as it helps to stabilize our Pancha Tattva (air, water, earth, fire, and space) which are the core substance forming our body.

Yoga mudras are certain hand gestures followed by specific breathing pattern and body position that helps to stabilize the flow of energy within your body. Moreover, unlike other forms of yoga, these ‘yoga mudra‘ are very easy to do and require no physical effort; however, the benefits gained from them are immense.

Simple and Easy Yoga Mudras With Health Benefits

Here are 10 of the best yoga mudras that are easy which we can practice daily.

1. Prana Mudra

This mudra is also known as the essence of life. “Prana”, as described earlier means life force which drives you to live life by providing the correct flow of energy. This mudra makes you pro-active and provides energy and health.

Moreover, it is also thought to improve eyesight, increase the body resistance to diseases, reduces the deficiency of vitamins, and removes tiredness. To add further, it also helps you to get rid of hunger pangs during fasting, so you can feel energized and active.


Keep your fingers outstretched and bring your thumb in close contact with the tips of the middle finger and the index finger, while still keeping the other fingers outstretched.  Moreover, taking deep breaths in and breathing out gently for a few minutes in the day with fingers in prana mudra can help you revitalize your body.

2. Gyan Mudra

Perhaps the most popular yoga mudra, it is commonly referred to mudra of knowledge, which helps in concentrating your mind. You might have seen photos or statues of saint and sages who in meditation with this mudra.

It is because this mudra helps to clear up your mind and helps to divert all your energy to focus on a specific path. Doing this mudra daily could increase your concentration power.

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Keep your fingers outstretched and join the tips of thumb and index while keeping other fingers outstretched. This mudra is better when done in the morning for about 30-40 minutes with your back straight and eyes closed.

3. Sunya Mudra

This mudra helps to remove the space elements that are in excess in the body. It is thought to reduce the ear pain, improve your hearing and also decrease the overwatering of your eye.

Similarly, this mudra can help to fortify your gums and heals the thyroid disease. Additionally, this mudra helps a to open up the heart chakra and helps us to reach a meditative state.


Bend your middle finger keeping all your fingers outstretched. Then let your thumb put some pressure in the first pharynx of the middle finger. You can practice this mudra sitting in a comfortable posture. Doing this mudra for just 15 minutes thrice a day can work wonders for your body.

4. Varun Mudra

Also known as the mudra of water, this mudra helps in fluid balance of the body. For those people who suffer from severe dry skin, this mudra could give a chance to moisturize the skin and bring back its lustre.

Moreover, the deeper benefit of mudra is that it helps to attain mental clarity and encourage fluid communication of the body by balancing the water component.


In order to do this mudra, you need to contact the tips of your little finger with the tip of your thumb keeping other fingers outstretched. There is no specific timing and posture to do this mudra; however, doing this mudra in a cross-legged pose with back straight can aid you to concentrate in the mudra.

5. Surya Mudra

This mudra helps you attain the blessings from the sun, which includes warm of the body, proper digestion, proper weight control, improve loss of appetite, and even control obesity.

When done regularly, this mudra can help in the overall maintenance of the body keeping your digestive and metabolic functions in check.


Keeping your fingers outstretched, bend your ring finger and touch it to the base of the thumb. With the help of the tip of your thumb press the second phalanx of your ring finger. This mudra can show its effectiveness well when done in the morning hours during the sunrise.

6. Apan Mudra

This mudra literally helps to detox your body from all the toxins you might have consumed. It improves digestion and reduces dental problems. It is very beneficial for people who have problems with constipation, problems of piles and even kidney related problems.


Apan mudra can be done by keeping your fingers stretched and bending your ring finger and the middle finger so that it’s tip touches the tip of the thumb. This mudra is more effective when done in a posture with straightened back.

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7.Ling Mudra

Commonly known as the heat mudra, this mudra can help to increase heat production in the body. Especially during cold sessions when you suffer from cough and cold, this mudra can show its true usefulness.

Moreover, for people suffering from asthma, pneumonia, dried phlegm, this mudra could work wonders. Even in cold sessions, when done properly, this mudra could result in sweating and proper heat production in the body.


Clasp fingers of both your hands keeping the right thumb erect. Sit comfortably and add a bit of pressure to the clasped hands for about half-an-hour a day. You will surely get your desired results.

8. Vayu Mudra

This mudra is also known as the Mudra of Air, as it helps to remove the excess air element in our body.

Keeping our body’s restlessness, anxiety and fearfulness aside, this mudra also helps to smoothen the pain of arthritis and heal it, it helps in gout, overcharged endocrine glands and strained voice.


Bend your index finger with its tip touching the base of the thumb. With the thumb press on the second phalanx of the index finger. This mudra can be done anywhere at any time whenever you are seated in a comfortable posture.

9. Prithivi Mudra

This mudra helps to balance the earth component of our body. Moreover, it also equalizes the Agni (fire ) component in our body.

This mudra helps in chronic fatigue, lack of stamina, general debility, skin rashes, brittle nails, burning stomach, inflammatory diseases, hair loss, fever, mouth ulcers, and weightlessness.


This mudra is similar to the Surya mudra; however, in this mudra, you are required to touch the tip of the ring finger with the tip of the thumb.

10. Abhaya Mudra

Commonly known as the mudra of fearlessness, this mudra helps to draw feelings of fearlessness, peace, and protection within us. It also helps to remind of our safety and security of our own being.

Moreover, this mudra is used in order to give ascribed (blessings) in many cultures and we can see many Buddhist statues in this mudra.


Simply raise your right hand to the level of your shoulder keeping the elbows bend. Keep the palm facing outwards. Similarly, keep the palm of another hand on the lap.

In Conclusion

Every posture of your body symbolizes a certain flow of energy within; similarly, even hand gestures and mudra can result in an organized flow of energy which can help you bring peace, tranquillity, and well-being.

Therefore, doing specific mudra in a specific posture and pattern can provide you with immense benefits.

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