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Let’s accept it, it isn’t always comfortable to buy the best things online if you are not in America. It is mainly because of the articles based on any list of the best materials are mostly based on the United States. Thus, not everything that you can find in the United States is shipped or available elsewhere. Similarly, so is the case for yoga accessories. This article serves a resulting purpose to help you find the best yoga mats in the UK that are available on amazon.

Yoga Mats in The UK

Either you are in for mediation or to do some yoga asanas, getting the right yoga mat for your stretches helps to make the most of every practice. Irreverent to either you prefer Bikram or ashtanga – a good yoga mat aids you holding your poses wherever you are. With the right one, you can perfect your posture and go with your flow without worrying about slipping or sliding.

List of Best Yoga Mats in the UK

With the number of mats differing in length, texture, thickness, and material choosing the right yoga mat aren’t easy. Here is our effort to list out the best yoga mats available for you in the UK.

1. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

Price: £21.99

The yoga mat from TOPLUS easily ticks all the features needed to become one of the best yoga mats. It has an excellent grip on both the side; its good thickness makes it comfortable and provides excellent cushioning for all levels of yogis; are easy to wash with a cloth and dish soap. They are very easy to wrap.

Best Yoga Mats in The UK

The Toplus yoga mat is non-toxic, PVC-free, metal-free, non-irritating and heavy metals. The material is thermoplastic elastomer- TPE. This material is environmental and user-friendly, hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. And there is still a natural oxidation benefit, can be recycled, avoid pollution, good elasticity, strong resistance.

  • Pros: Excellent grip, Comfortable, Easy to Clean, Environment-Friendly, Lightweight, Value for Money
  • Cons: None (Almost perfect!)

Measurement: | Length: 183cm | Width: 61cm | Thickness: 6mm | Weight: 0.92 Kg |

2. Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Price: £49.95 – £51.95

Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat is one of the best yoga mats in this list. Boasting excellent features such as high sweat-absorbent and anti-slip surface, it provides terrific grip and unsurpassed traction whether dry or wet. Along with an absorbent top, it also has a dual-layer underside of the mat with non-slip textured TPE bottom, which provides enough cushioning needed, and prevents the mat from sliding around on the floor. This yoga mat comes with a Velcro strap and carry-bag, making it convenient for you to carry it wherever you go.

Best Yoga Mats in The UK

This yoga mat might not be the least expensive one but worth the cost. They use SGS certified TPE material that gives the right grip. It has alignment lines that help you to adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position. Made from natural and odor-less materials, this yoga mat is healthy and safe to use. The new mat’s smell is like when you get new sneakers, but that soon goes away, no lingering odor.

  • Pros: Long-lasting, Sweat-absorbent, Anti-slip surface, Dual-layer anti-tear Design, velcro strap and carry bag
  • Cons: Not the most affordable option

Measurements: | Length: 183cm | Breadth: 65cm | Thickness: 5mm | Weight: 1.9 kg |

3. Liforme Yoga Mat

Price: £104.95

If not for its expensive price tag, Liforme’s yoga mat could have been on the top of this list. A popular brand this yoga mat is known for its unique and original ‘AlignForMe’ system. The lines on the mat are intelligently designed to guide and align Yogis on the center of the mat. It also uses “GripForMe” material to ensure the best grip for tough yoga poses. It is made up of natural rubber and doesn’t have a strong chemical odor.

Best Yoga Mats in The UK

The mat is longer, wider and has a perfect thickness, giving Yogis the space they crave, with perfect balance between firm stability and comfortable cushioning. Made using eco-friendly materials the mat is PVC free, biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions and is made using high-quality non-toxic materials which keep the mat clean and hygienic. Liforme Yoga mat also includes a carry bag.

  • Pros: Excellent Grip, Patented Alignment System, Eco-Friendly Materials, Longer and Wider than most, Carry bag included
  • Cons: Heavier than other mats, Expensive
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Measurements: | Length: 185cm | Breadth: 68cm | Thickness: 4mm | Weight: 3.8 Kg |

4. Maximo Exercise Mat NBR Fitness Mat

Price £14.97

Maximo Fitness is an exciting new brand whose goal is to design and develop the very best equipment for professional athletes as well as everyday gym-goers. Their Maximo Exercise Mat NBR Fitness Mat has all that you need in a quality yoga mat, it is simple, affordable and comfortable.

Yoga Mats in The UK

This high density, light-weight yoga mat is highly durable and comfortable. These exercise mats are manufactured to be thick and comfortable that is made from premium grade NBR foam which is also light enough to carry. The mat comes with a carrying strap for easy to transport, roll up and store away quickly. This yoga mat is suitable for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Home, Gym and Sit-Ups.

  • Pros: Highly affordable, Non-Slip, Moisture Resistant and Easy to clean
  • Cons: Initial odd smell during the first few days, maximum thickness could affect one’s balance during yoga

Measurement : | Length: 183cm | Width: 60cm | Thickness: 1.2cm | Weight: 0.98 kg |

5. Manduka Ekolite Yoga and Pilates Mat

Price: £54.00 – £68.00

These lightweight portable yoga mats are best for yoga session outside your house. As the name suggests, this Superlite is the lightest yoga mat in a market that fits into a small hand luggage case. Unlike other lightweight yoga mats, Manduka is made from rubber which adds to the grip.


Best Yoga Mats in The UK

Ekolite Mat from Manduka’s is well-known to most. This improved version of Manduka offers an excellent grip even during the sweatiest of conditions. Plus, the mat offers quality comfort and performance as required. For yogis who like to stay natural and toxic-free, these maters are made with natural rubbers that uses a toxic-free softening process and are completely free of toxic foaming agents and plasticizers often found in other mats.

  • Pros: Extremely light and portable
  • Cons: Minimum thickness might hurt your back and knee

Measurements: | Length: 180cm | Breadth: 61cm | Thickness: 4mm | Weight: 0.9 kg |

6. Jade Harmony

Price: £68.95 – £121.13

Jade Harmony is a lightweight and versatile yoga mat. It is one of the most comfortable mats Jade offers, made specifically to go with you everywhere and anywhere. For the ones who want simplicity and don’t like much attention, Jade Harmony has a simple basic design. At the same time, it lacks no corners by having almost everything you want in a quality yoga mat – cool colors, incredible grip, and great comfort.

Yoga Mats in The UK

They are made with a sustainable manner with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource. Made in the United States, in compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws Jade mat is an eco-friendly mat, that contains no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber. Additionally, it comes in 173cm – 188cm options in length.

  • Pros: Eco-friendly materials, Comfortable, Lightweight, Simple design, Non-slip when dry
  • Cons: Short length, Lacks grip when sweaty, Not the most affordable option

Measurement: | Length: 173-188cm | Width: 60cm | Thickness: 4.76mm | Weight: 1.4 Kg |

7. YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

Price: £62.00

The YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat uses a minimalist folding design to bring convenience and cleanliness to your practice. Plus, the mat has a good amount of fiction-making it a good non-slippery as well. It is one of the most iconic travel yoga mats that is loved around the world. At first glance, the YOGO looks more like a yoga towel to me than a yoga mat. Perhaps, that’s how a travel yoga mats should be in order to be more portable.

Best Yoga Mats in The UK

The extremely portable yoga mat takes up a pretty small amount of space in your bag that includes a cute little strap with the buckle designed to work as a handle. Hence, the YOGO solves the problems of portability, convenience, and sustainability along with being simple, long-lasting and made from a high-quality and sustainable material.

  • Pros: Lightweight, Includes a strap, Easily portable, Plant-based eco-friendly material, Grip, Hygienic and Easy to Clean
  • Cons: Minimal thickness and straps could affect comfortability for some, Short Length
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Measurements: | Length: 173cm | Width: 61cm | Thickness: 1.5mm | Weight: 1 kg |

8. YogiOnTheGo

Price: £33.98

YogiOnTheGo by Clever Yoga is lightweight, folding mat provides great stability and traction which improves when wet. Unlike most, this Travel Yoga Mat is meant for intense or heated styles of yoga. Not letting your busy lifestyle get in the way of your zen time as practicing yoga daily gets harder when traveling. YogiOnTheGo offers the perfect blend of packability and sweat-wicking performance so you can stay centered, wherever you are.

YogiOnTheGo_Clever Yoga Travel Yoga Mat

YogiOnTheGo by Clever Yoga is lightweight, folding mat provides great stability and traction which improves when wet. Unlike most, this Travel Yoga Mat is meant for intense or heated styles of yoga. Not letting your busy lifestyle get in the way of your zen time as practicing yoga daily gets harder when traveling. YogiOnTheGo offers the perfect blend of packability and sweat-wicking performance so you can stay centered, wherever you are.

Clever Yoga products are created by yogis, for yogis and who tests every product sharing it with the world to ensure it can handle the wear and tear that comes from vigorous daily practice. Also, to keep it a good and clean regularly, they have made it Machine Washable too.

Measurements: | Length: 180cm | Width: 61cm | Thickness: 1mm | Weight: 0.9 kg |

9. JLL Yoga Mat Extra Thick Mat

Price – £12.99

The JLL extra-thick yoga mat is made from a 15mm thick foam to ensure a comfortable and gentle training platform for you work our needs. This well-cushioned Yoga Mat is designed to be tough and can withstand jumping movements, Pilates, Gymnastics, Aerobics and Pregnancy exercises. The mat is durable and hard-wearing and provides good sound and vibration insulation.

Best Yoga Mats in The UK

These thick yoga mats have non-slip traction and smooth texture foam surface. Made up of superb quality materials this JLL wouldn’t get ripped, slipped and broke your hip. This multipurpose yoga mat is also best for camping. The Yoga and Pilates Mat has a closed-cell surface which will prevent perspiration from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria, making it quite easy to keep clean.

  • Pros: Anti-bacterial, Anti-sweat absorbent, Non-slip, Extra thick and Comfortable
  • Cons: Gets wrinkly while storing and stenches due to high pressure, maximum thickness could affect one’s balance during yoga

Measurements: | Length: 183cm | Breadth: 61cm | Thickness: 1.5cm | Weight: 1.3 Kg |

10. Proworks Large Padded Yoga Mat

Price: £12.95

Proworks padded yoga mat comes with a carrying strap and is a high-quality mat with thick comfortable padding. Suitable for use at the gym, at home or outside, these large, non-slip mats are the best way to ensure you have a safe, comfortable training area. Unlike cheap latex or rubber mats, these specially designed 10mm thick NBR foam mats from Proworks provide optimal cushioning in order to achieve maximum comfort and provide unparalleled support during those tough workouts.

Best Yoga Mats in The UK

These extra thick large yoga mats are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. This extremely comfortable yoga mat has just enough thickness for the tough yoga poses. Its latex-free, phthalate-free NBR foam- absolutely environmentally friendly. The mat stays flat on the floor and does not show any curling of the edges.

To clean after use, simply wipe down the mat with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or sweat and leave to dry. Once the mat is dry is can be rolled up and easily stored or carried with the included strap holder.

  • Pros: Comfortable for knees with an impressive thickness, Great choice for beginners, carrying strap
  • Cons: Does not provide enough grip, maximum thickness could affect one’s balance during yoga

Measurements: | Length: 183cm | Breadth: 60cm | Thickness: 1cm | Weight: 0.94 kg |

In Conclusion

Just like any yoga accessories, choosing a yoga mat is also personal to every yogi. It is not just your experience and practice style but also the place of your practice that makes a mammoth difference. The material used in the mat is equally important as its weight and portability. Thus, you must have a yoga mat that matches your expectation and budget. So better not delay because it is already time to buy, roll out, start yoga on your new yoga mat.

Note: The price mentioned above is from the time during the article was published. All the references for the price and item details were taken from amazon.co.uk