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In a pretty stressful life, we have developed the habit of enjoying the glorious mess that we are in. However, there are times when we feel like giving everything up and running away, don’t we?

Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)

Well, the stress level, the lifestyle and most of all the food-ing habit has deteriorated the human body and mind due to which it’s almost impossible to function at our best possible level. This unhealthy way of life is one of the key reasons why people today suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and even young age body impairment.

In times like these, everyone seeks a break-free! So, walking into a lavender-scented room or sunny outdoors, in the lap of nature with well-arranged probes and comfy mats to do some restorative yoga is one of the best things that you could ever think of for real.

To those people who have already tried restorative yoga, you might be quite familiar with this atmosphere or the technique but for those who have never given it shot; trust me, it’s worth trying!

Why Choose a Restorative Therapy Centre Wisely?

The name itself is pretty clear “Restorative” meaning it helps to restore the energy and the strength that you have lost in the long term.  Basically, in this yoga, you need to attain a position or a certain posture with the aid of a probe and hold it for a certain time taking deep breathes.

This process helps to stimulate your vagus nerves and activates your parasympathetic system causes your body to relax. Similarly, it also helps to decrease the cortisol level (or the stress hormone) in the body.

Additionally, you can attain the best possible benefits of restorative therapy either by doing it calmly in your home in an undisturbed atmosphere or you can go to classes, centers or studios where this therapy is taught.

However, you need to be sure that the studio you chose is a well-certified one with good trainees because most of the classes these days, have inexperienced trainees, fewer infrastructures and noisy environments.

Best Place for Restorative Yoga Therapy

World’s Top 5 Places for Restorative Yoga Therapy

So, in order to gain full benefit from this therapy, you need to choose your therapy classes wisely.

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1. RYT Pahoa, Hawaii

Timing: 200 hours (3 weeks)
Location: Pahoa, Hawaii
Cost: $3,980

The 3-week program, on the big island of Hawaii on 120, acres of tropical scenery on the southeast coast of Big Island, is surely going to be blissful. For those looking forward to start the journey of yoga and for those who are looking forward to being a yoga instructor, this is one of the most amazing places that you can sign up in.

Moreover, in this yoga class, you will be taught the basics of Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, and deep breathing exercises to increase your balance and focus. This yoga is actually certified by Yoga Alliance, and as I have already mentioned earlier a total of 3 weeks is allotted to the program, with 3 meals per day and 20 nights of accommodation.

So, if you are looking forward to get a wonderful vacation and learn one of the most relaxing techniques, you definitely need to join this yoga course.

2. Himalayan Yoga Institute, Nepal

Timing: 200 hours (28 days)
Nagarjun, Kathmandu, Nepal
Cost: $1700

Wouldn’t it be relaxing to spend a 3-week vacation in the lap of Himalayas, away from all the chaos and mess? This yoga institution is one of the most amazing yoga institutions that you will rarely come across as you can get the bliss of nature and some amazing yoga training both at once. This yoga institution mostly focuses on Astanga yoga and breathing practices.

Moreover, this institution will not only teach you yoga but also help to heal you from deep down with the help of Ayurvedic therapies. Also, this yoga class of 200 hours is divided into 2 basic courses: the first being the Raja Dhiraja class and the second being the revision of all the basic forms of yoga that you could use to uplift your daily life.

Therefore, if you are really eager to experience something out of the box, you need to try this yoga therapy class with no doubt.

3. The Himalayan Yoga Institute Pondicherry, South India

Timing: 300 hours (30 days)
Location: Pondicherry, South India
Cost: $2,763

This beautiful institution of yoga is in Kerala, India is built in a very eco- friendly way. This institution has wonderful surrounding and it is very true that this institution not only teaches you some great yoga techniques but also gives you much-needed information on Ayurveda, nutritional habits and basic life skills that we fail to follow.

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Moreover, the practices of Bhakti yoga, including the Kirtan, Mandala art and Prabhat Samgiita is also given an utmost priority. This is the reason why this yoga institution is preferred by many and if you are looking to gain a deeper insight into yoga and all the traditional forms of teaching you need to take this course at least once.

4. Ajaria Yoga Academy, India

Timing: 200 hours
Location: Rishikesh, India
Cost: $1700

If you are a keen learner who aspires to know anything and everything about Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, you need to get enrolled in this institution with no doubts. This yoga institution lies in the lap of Mother Nature and consists of many trained yoga instructors who are also spiritual guru.

Here students will have the choice of taking either private rooms or shared rooms with 27-night stay, 3 vegetarian meals per day and most importantly, you will get to practice some mind-refreshing yoga that you have been waiting to do for so long.

Along with yoga, you will get the benefit of knowing pranayama, anatomy and physiology of the human body and also Ayurveda. Therefore, you need to join this institution if you are into some “real-yoga” with lots of fun.

5. RYT Arcata, USA

Timing: 200 hours
Location: Arcata California, USA
Cost: $3,060

Located adjacent to the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, this beautiful institution is not only a place to chill but also a place to learn some wonderful yoga. If you are aiming to learn good yoga or if you are aiming to be a yoga teacher, this institution is sure to give you much-needed knowledge.

The main focus here in RYT Arcata is Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga. Additionally, this place has been highly rated and is sure to win your heart.

In Conclusion

Yoga, in itself, is a beautiful technique that helps to uplift the function of both mind and body. Similarly, doing yoga by knowing the correct steps and values is surely going to be helpful.

Therefore, these mentioned places for restorative therapy are surely going to give you a much-needed break from all the hectic tension of life.

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