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Real yoga enthusiasts know, spending some daily hours in yoga classes are not just enough. To learn something in-depth and excel in it needs real passion and dedication. Which also means reading and listening about it and being updated. Facebook is one platform where you can find almost anything and connect your passion and interests along with having some good time. Thus, it makes it a good idea finding these 10 best facebook yoga pages to follow.

Facebook Yoga Pages To Follow

Top 10 Yoga pages On Facebook You Should Follow

Wheather to get that extra motivation or to stay informed, liking Yoga pages on Facebook always help if you are a yoga enthusiast. Irrespective of the category you belong to, following these yoga pages in Facebook will definitely enhance the “yogi” in you.

1. Yoga Journal

Take a moment to click on the search button and type “Yoga”- there’s “Yoga Journal” on the top. Yoga Journal is the #1 authority on yoga- its the brand for all practitioners—who want to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

Every day, they post a number of blog articles, photos and live videos on poses, breathing, meditation, nutrition, trends and more. With 4 national live events and 11 international points, Joga Journal is the world’s most influential yoga brand and their page is equally worthy.

2. Yoga International

With 1.2million likes, yoga international is very influential facebook page. They keep on sharing multiple blog post regarding yoga poses and other health tips as well. But what I absolutely love is their classes video guided by the experienced teacher.

I must say arranging more than a couple of post within a day isn’t easy. They are the dedicated ones to make your facebook full of yoga tips.

Yoga international has everything, timely topic, gorgeous picture, and beautiful messages.

3. Yoga

Yoga will keep you motivated and enthusiastic about yoga. We all love creativity, and “Yoga” enkindles us creatively. Rated 4.6 by 813 peoples among 1.35 followers this facebook page is remarkable for yoga lovers.

4. Gaia Yoga

Full of electrifying writing, Gaia Yoga is going to inspire to incorporate yoga in your life. They have 30 minutes claim yoga videos posted over their page and also 5 minutes meditation session. Gaia, originally GaiamTV is a streaming video subscription service which has over 7,000 films, and original programs dedicated personal growth and spirituality,

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Though the post is not that frequent, 1.5 million followers is not a joke, is it?

5. Yoga Inspiration

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”

– Peace Pilgrim

I just picked the line from “Yoga inspiration” to assert that the name apt their term. If you are going to need a daily dose of inspiration before you head for the studio, nothing could be better. They not only spread the awareness of the benefits of yoga to encourage you but post about free yoga classes. Everyone love freeness, don’t we?

6. Yoga Today

“When something ignites a feeling of pure excitement within, listen to the call,” this inspires you right? Yoga today post is not that frequent, but whatever they share are worth a lot. They have been running online yoga classes since 2006 and their facebook yoga dosage is also equally preferred. Just not the classes information they also offer does of afflatus.

7. Yoga Burn

“Burn Fat for 48 hrs after your workout! @MyYogaBurn”, if this doesn’t excite you, nothing would. Their inspirational quotes are good, but nothing can beat their minute work our videos. Zoe Bray-Cotton a 200hr registered Yoga Teacher has over 15,000 practical hours teaching Yoga. Her live videos are vibrant and inspiring and you don’t wish to miss one more. Follow Yoga Burn NOW.

8. DoYouYoga.com

DOYOUYOGA offers “many” of online video classes to unlock your full potential. They share blogs, yoga video, motivational quotes, beautiful picture and what not? Besides the “let’s dance” type of music, Do you yoga has something new in every video they upload.

9. DDP Yoga

Lately, looking for something more manly? DDP Yoga is just the one for you. DDP YOGA  empowers you to think beyond traditional limits and find inspiration from adversity. Page owner Diamond Dallas came straight out of ring fights to teach you everything he learned. He is good at combining yoga practices with physical therapy principles.

10. Nichol Chase Yoga

Last but not least, let’s try something different- a page of a yoga instructor. Nichol Chase is a teacher, musician, and veritable yoga nerd. Her teaching blends the invigorating flow, insightful instruction. Nichole will sweetly serenade you with her harmonium and voice in Savasana. Her facebook page is full of mini tutorial and her picture of challenging most complicated yoga poses.

If you are not inspired to incorporate yoga in your daily life, Nichol Chase Facebook page will make you do.

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